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Automatic Mask Packaging Machine


Product Introduction:

High Speed Toothbrush Box/Carton Packaging Machine

Face Mask Packing Machine Application

Tentoo Box Packing Machine is designed with box forming, feeding, folding, glue spraying, and sealing systems. It saves a lot of labor costs which equals 8-20 workers. The machine is applied to a variety of foods, toys, cosmetics, electronics, stationary and office supplies poker and cigarettes, etc.

The face mask packaging machine is mainly used to pack four-side sealing packaging products, such as face masks, plaster paste, anti-heat pastes, warm baby warm paste, non-woven sheets, dressing paste, disposable paper-plastic inspection gloves, gauze blocks, medical applications, masks, medical surgical gloves, electrode sheet, etc.

High Speed Toothbrush Box/Carton Packaging Machine

Mask Packaging Machine Specification

TT-A100 Automatic Box Cartoning Machine
Box Quality Requirement
250-350g/m2 (according to customer request)
1.5KW (220V/380V,3PH,50HZ)
Compressed Air Working Pressure
Box Packing Speed
30-80 bags/min
Box Dimension Range
Can be customized according to your box shape and size

1. Japan Omron PLC control
2. Japan Omron inverter
3. Japan Omron touch screen
4. Automatic stop when machine is overload
5. Automatic reject lacking of package product and leaflet
6. Automatic trouble display, alarm and counting
7. Stable performance, operaion is easy