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Spice Powder Filling Packing Machine


Product Introduction:

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spice filling machine

Powder Pouch Packing Machine Bottle Filling Machine

Spice Filling Packing Machine Parameter

Automatic Powder Weighing Filling Capping And Labeling Machine
Filling Weight10-5000g(customizable)
Bottle diameterΦ30-Φ140mm(customizable)
Bottle height40mm-200mm (customizable)
Production speed10-40 Bottle/min
Measurement accuracy≤500g,≤±1%;>500g,≤±0.5% (Varies due to the characteristics of the material)
Working Pressure0.6-0.8MPa
Control systemPLC
Filling headone head/two heads can be customized
one head can be customized350-550kg

Description Of Main Packaging Process:

①Bottle Unscrambler → ② Automatic Powder Weighting And Filling Machine → ③Automatic Capping Machine → ④Automatic Labeling Machine

spice bottle filling machine

Spice Bottle Filling Machine Application

Automatic Powder Weighing Filling Capping And Labeling Machine. It is suitable for automatic weighing filling capping and labeling of various fluidic or low-fluidity powder materials like milk powder, coffee powder, medicine powder, chemical powder, meal replacement powder, etc

Workshop Display

Spice Powder Filling Packing Machine

Machine certificate

Machine certificate

Customer Feedback

Spice Powder Filling Packing Machine

After-sales Technician and Customer Communication

Spice Powder Filling Packing Machine

After-sales Services

1. Manuls / Videos of machine installation, adjusting, setting, maintenance are available for you.

2. If any problems happend and you can not find out the solutions, Telecom or Online face to face communication available 24hours.

3. Tentoo engineers & technician are available send to your countries for services if you agree pay the expenditure.

4. The machine will have One year guaranty for machine, two years guaranty for electrical part. During the warranty year if any of the parts broken not by man-made. We will free charge to replace the new one to you. The warranty will begin after the machine send out we received the B/L.

5. TENTOO has an independent team for after-sale service. Any emergency please call the saleman or our after-sale's manager.

If you have other need packaging, please contact us, we can also customize, we have many years of experience, will give the design of a reasonable cost saving packaging machine! look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.