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Multilane Pouch Milk Powder Packaging Machine

Product Introduction:

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Multilane Pouch Milk Powder Packing Machine

Milk Powder Packaging Machine Description

1. Function:Automatically feeding, measuring volume, making bags, filling, sealing, cutting, printing the lot number and cutting easy tearing notches, finished product conveying.

2. Standard Features:
(1). Famous brand PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate;

(2). Film drawing down the system by famous bland servo motor control.

(3). Auger doser is controlled by a brand servo motor, which volume is adjustable on the screen

(4). This multilane milk packing machine advanced design, high precision, and fast speed;

(5). Various alarm systems to reduce waste;

(6). Photoelectric tracking system for precise bag length and position of film

(7)Cutting type option: V shape cutting, straight cutting, round corner cutting, die-cut cutting type

Lanes are quant.
(depends on max. film width)
4-6 lanes4-8 lanes4-12 lanes
Capacity20-40 Bags/Min/Lane
Film width( max.)480mm720mm960mm
Bag sizeL:45--120mm,W:35--60mmL:45--120mm,W:35--90mmL:45--120mm,W:35-120mm
Air & Powder0.8mpa,0.8m3/min,2.8kw0.8mpa,0.8m3/min,4.1kw0.8mpa,0.8m3/min,5.5kw
Dimension & weight950*1470*1750mm,350kg1153*1654*1750mm,450kg1415*1686*1750mm,600kg
Cutting Type1. Flat Cutting, 2.Zigzag Cutting, 3. Continuous Cutting, 4. Customized Special Shap Cutting
Optional deviceDate Coder, Air-filling Device, Tear Notch Device
Control System PLC + Servo + Touch Screen

High Speed Multilane pouch powder Packing Machine

High Speed Multilane pouch powder Packing Machine